Hyper Local
Place-Based Media

  • Coverage in Every Zip Code – Not Just the Top 50 DMAs
  • Custom Networks & Tactics Tailored to Fit Campaign Objective
  • Highest Level of Accountability with Audits & 100% Proof-Of-Performance
  • Network of 10K+ Affiliates—from Florida to Alaska & New York to Hawaii
  • Operational Excellence from Logistics through Reporting

Place-Based Media From Roots Media Inc.

We revolutionized Hyper Local Place-Based Media with new approaches to operations and new initiatives to achieve domination in community-based campaigns.

It all starts with Operational Excellence

  • Our nationwide coverage and management enables Roots Media to execute campaigns in every zip code in the country while maintaining our standards of excellence.
  • We deliver the highest levels of quality impressions without sacrificing efficiency and cost effectiveness; no matter how big or small a campaign. We have experience in markets of all sizes in both urban and rural settings.

The goal of Roots Media is to deliver targeted and measurable results

  • We’re willing to put the number and quality of our impressions against any competitor in the industry
  • Our revolutionary approach provides the best combination of reach and engagement
  • We use multiple formats with materials facing the street as well as dominating in-store locations, creating multiple impressions

We design and execute campaigns targeting any:

  • Age Group
  • Income Level
  • Multi-Cultural Group
  • Combination of the Above

The result:

Maximum ROI

Place-Based Media: The Basics

Roots Media specializes in Hyper-Local Place Based Media: advertising campaigns that target specific consumers in precise zip codes by placing media inside locations where they work, play and shop.

These campaigns can be national campaigns executed on a Hyper-Local basis or campaigns targeting one or more regional specific markets.

Our Hyper Local Place-Based media places advertising in specific local businesses that include everything from hair salons to restaurants, gyms and dry cleaners, to professional service companies to senior centers and other tactics as required to achieve clients’ campaign objectives.

We pride ourselves on finding the best mix of inventory to maximize ROI.

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